There are so many approaches to website design, it can be dizzying. If you need guidance on navigating this market, feel free to get in touch. There are lots of options when it comes to building a website, and I can help you pursue the path that best works for you.

Luggage Free, Woodside, NY

Client of Eden Marketing

Website Design, Collateral + Communications Design

Under direction of client, moved web design from outdated, text-heavy design to a rich, responsive, image-rich environment. In tandem with a programmer maintained website for five years, adding pages, editing content and performing A/B Testing. Responsibilities: page layout, photo research, infographic illustration, custom icon illustration, blog design, e-newsletter design, collateral design and production, direct mail design and production.

“Hiring Eden Marketing has been a great decision.  They’ve been active  partners in creating our new website, which was our first foray into having a responsive site.  They’ve also been great in helping us optimize the site as we gather more and more data, which saves us time and helps our profitability.  A special thanks to Jessica, Luke, Jeff, and Roman!”

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WOG-PortfolioWisdom of God Corporation, Cleveland OH

Logo, Website Design, Strategic Planning, Collateral, Social Media Campaign

The Wisdom of God Corporation is a faith based initiative which establishes a public voice for the core beliefs of Christianity, broadcasting basic Christian principles into the public eye through marketing and mass media, combatting the din of the media sensationalism, political agendas, and theological differences.

This website utilizes the Squarespace platform, a robust, out of the box template with infinite editing and functionality potential.

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Cutler Scholars Website ImageCutler Scholars Program, Ohio University

Logo Update & Vectorization, Website Strategy, Website Design

This robust university scholars program has a threefold target market of school administrators, parents, and prospective students. This website is designed to promote this program well, routing each user to the information they need to successfully navigate the Cutler Scholars program. Web strategy is a passion of mine; making complex ideas accessible to those who need them is some of the most satisfying work I do.

I planned and designed this website in Photoshop and handed it off to a programmer with Eden Marketing.

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Acting Studio Chicago

Logo, Website Strategic Editing

Worked in tandem with programmer to refine design, improve UX, and provide supplemental imagery to round out this website. Established a goal driven traffic flow which created space for explaining the complexity of this rich, multilevel curriculum for a premier acting program in Chicago.

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Bruno-WebsitePizza Science, Pizzeria Consultation Service

Logo, Website Design

This exciting project displays Bruno DiFabio’s consultation services. This energetic, incredibly talented, and knowledgeable restauranteur plows through world pizza competitions and travels the world seeking unique and refined ingredients for his fare. His consultation services are priceless, world class. Visit this website to get information and see videos of this man in action.

My custom illustrations and design were programmed in to this WordPress site for a fully adapted and robust website providing a comprehensive view of Bruno’s strong qualifications for his consultation business.

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M O R E   W E B S I T E   D E S I G N

Athena Cinema : Website Design, Art Direction, Project Management | Client Eden Marketing

Honors Tutorial College, Ohio University : Wire Framing, Website Design, Compliance Adherence, Project Management | Client Eden Marketing

WOUB Digital : Strategic Editing, Consultation Services | Client Eden Marketing

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