Envelope Spot

We had a need, and this guy had the envelope! Seriously, we searched all over the U.S., China, and Canada for this particularly sized envelope and John Henning had it. It was a little nerve wracking to have it printed from such a distance, but the envelopes came out perfectly beautiful.

This design is based from a childhood memory of my first flight across the U.S. It was 1984 when I flew to see my sister, and I remember being handed a slick package of boarding passes, feeling like I’d just been handed the world. Even then I noticed and loved the design of which this is remeniscent, a design that just made me feel like I was on the move and going someplace.

Packaging Envelope

Pure Buttons

We found our magnet maker close to home in a suburb just south of here, and they did a fabulous job. Their templates are clear and easy to use, and the magnets turned out just gorgeous.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 2.21.46 PM

Location: Medina, OH

Simon’s Stamps

For rubber stamps, this company comes recommended online, so we tried them out! I haven’t seen the stamp, but this is what Jeff Boyd, President, Luggage Free has to say:

“Just got my stamp!  I love it!!  I’ve been stamping everything in sight all day today.  Ha ha!”

So I guess we’ll call that a positive review!

Location: Greenfield, MA

Picture it on Canvas: Prints on Metal

Some friends have a picture of a sunset printed on metal, floating off a black woodblock background. It’s a gorgeous presentation! I totally want to try it, so as metal printing floated through my email on Groupon, I thought I’d grab this link.

Location: San Diego, CA

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