As a designer, I have a deep appreciation for fine art, and frankly, adding other peoples’ art into design is a delicious pleasure. I’ve made a pledge in 2015 not to let a single striking artist pass through my fingers, as each one of these talented people has the potential to turn client work into greatness.

Lindsay Letters

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 12.42.01 PMKatie Hilbert, my lovely blogging friend and editor at American Greetings, shared her cooperative work with Lindsay on facebook, and I fell in love immediately. Katie has impeccable taste!

Pam Design

Painted ChairsStumbled across this freelance artist’s website with these fascinating works of art. Loads of custom artwork here, with this zentangle style applied to a myriad of objects.



Calligraphy by Jennifer

Just look at the delicacy of these ink strokes. It takes a gift and a steady hand!

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