Additional Pages

Client: Jeff Boyd of Luggage Free via Eden Marketing
Project: Additional Website pages: about shipping luggage, skis, bikes, golf clubs, and to a cruise

Once branding and stylistic decisions are made, adding further content becomes a snap. It takes time for a client and designer to navigate towards a common approach, but once you’re there, new work becomes easy production. These pages were a blast to make, and yes, I totally get warm fuzzies when feedback clips along with, “I love it!!” “Awesome,” and “Looks great!”


Website Design | Luggage Free, Luggage Shipping Service

Client: Jeff Boyd of Luggage Free via Eden Marketing
Project: Complete Website Redesign, including homepage, a number of custom pages, custom illustrations, and template for further pages.

For a New Yorker, Jeff breaks the mold with patience and insight, and his passion for travel  shows through in this site designed to convey the comfort and luxury of his white glove courier/delivery service. Below is a supplementary web ad created to direct Google users back to the site after a visit. Click to see the full website.




Website Design | Ohio University Honors Tutorial College

Client: Cary Frith with the OU Honors Tutorial College via Eden Marketing
Project: Full Website Design including site map, homepage, several key page designs, a variety of custom buttons, and template design for future pages.
Design Stage: Soft Launch. The Honors Tutorial College utilizes Ohio University’s system of student programmers and a Content Management framework called Common Spot in order to publish its website. This extends the programming and editing stage a bit in order to get the site completely up and running.

This site was a total blast to do, and not a small part of that was working with Cary Frith. Cary’s boundless energy and enthusiasm as well as practical efficiency made this site design go as smoothly as any I’ve done. Together we aimed for a clean but welcoming academic look. The front page is posted below, click on the link above to see the site as it is being developed.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 3.12.20 PM

Website Homepage Design | The Nelsonville Music Festival

Client: Nelsonville Music Festival via Eden Marketing
Project: Homepage Design of the Nelsonville Music Festival

Some projects are quite an honor to do. Every year my husband totally geeks out at the lineup of this music festival. So designing the front page for this site made me a celebrity in my own home at the very least. The fest is an incredible mix of local talent and larger national acts in the beautifully relaxed setting of Hocking College. This Avett Brothers headline the 2014 NMF, so you should totally go. If you do, be sure to snag yourself a cabin for the weekend somewhere in the Hocking Hills.
Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 10.08.10 PM