Bruno working with Steve
Bruno is a fast-paced restaurateur, and his entrepreneurial inspiration never stops. I have been fortunate to be part of his team as he opens new restaurants, creating logos, menus, t-shirts, and more.

Amore Cucina and Bar


If you live in Connecticut, you’ll need to come in from the cold. Amore weathers storms and welcomes customers with its reclaimed brick and artistic architecture.

Amore Logo

Business at this critically acclaimed restaurant never stops. It’s a community hub for the best pizza around, in a rich, warm atmosphere.




Amore Cucina and Bar serves wood-fired pizza originated by 6-Time World Pizza Champion Bruno DiFabio. It’s out of this world.

If you can peel your eyes off the pizza for a sec, you’ll notice the menu to the left. Bruno typically grabs menus he likes and we create his own unique custom design from his found inspiration.

Custom Artwork

Amore Custom Art

An affinity for custom artwork means lots of fun projects. This wall hanging was later adapted for pizza boxes and the kids’ activity page.

For the Kids

Did I say kids’ activity page? The kids are kept busy while they’re waiting with a plethora of stuff to do.

Kids Menu

But before kids dive into the activity page, the real fun is in the menu. Custom designed viewfinder slides help them decide what to eat.

Viewfinder Menu

Tell me the kids you know wouldn’t geek out about that menu!


If you visit Amore in Connecticut, you can pick up one of these t-shirts, all my illustrated representations of Bruno’s fun ideas.

Amore T-Shirts

Other Businesses by Bruno

Amore is just one restaurant in Bruno’s Repertoire. Here are some other logos I’ve done for Bruno:

Bronx House

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Where would you like to go from here?